Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This is a guaranteed opportunity for Gospel Artists to be a part of a paid tour. There are testimonies that can reach others, we can do it together and together we can rise and be a powerful voice to the masses.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This section is to express your feelings as an artist, fan, producer, promoter, or executive.  This is to share how you see the music industry, mainly hip-hop. Be free to express your feelings, then be able to produce your facts. For we all can argue a point, yet a point with no substantial evidence is moot. So let's build.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


 It all started in a small cobblestone alley. As the group Armz Of Skill walked around the corner they were greeted with smiles and daps. This is the love of hip-hop in its purest form. Artists who don't know each other, from different sections of Richmond City, yet all have one primary goal to spit their lyrics on the mic.
 As we waited to load in for the show we were getting our game plan together. You see when the purest form of energy is around there is the negative that floats as well. Some call it hate, I choose to call it mic envy.I did not feel that, I felt all love.
 Once loading in we took off back to headquarters after getting some food first of course. I really Love my bredren of Armz Of Skill, this group was already formed and they picked me up. I really Love my Family, and my extended Family at One Dream Zero Distractions Ent.
 These thoughts circled my mind as well as my mom, her birthday was the day prior. It was time to RIP THE MIC! the performers were all amazing and during the set of one group one of the artists had a seizure. Cell phone came out from everywhere, the sound crew, bouncers, and show manager were all on top of it immediately. that was unconditional Love. The family was comforted and his mother was tended to as words of encouragement came to herr.
 I went to his mother and told her that we were going to dedicate our set to him...KEEP YOUR HEAD UP JAMAL...GET WELL SOON BRUH....once all of that was over John Headley broke out the camera then Armz Of Skill Brutalized the stage inch by inch. From the vocals of Picasso, The Wizard, Mr. Parker, and Nat Dah Burnah, we sent shout outs to the rest of the crew, HimHisFear, Choice, and Lil Ced.  Applause, chants and Love spread ALL NIGHT...GREAT SHOW FELLAS....TIL THE NEXT ONE...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Time For Virginia To Become A Force...

  From the charcoal skies of New York the emcee stands on the block with his doorag, New York Yankees fitted cocked to the side, sporting a hoodie draped over over sized Levi jeans tucked inside of his crisp Timbs.  He listens intently with his head moving up and down to the rhythmic cadence his opponent is spewing his way...New York City like a lot of the major cities in America has embraced hip-hop.
  It is a fact anywhere Hip-Hop is not embraced the artist will falter and either die, go to prison, or be stuck in an attitude of defeatism.  A new artist is the most important because he/she brings a fresh view upon the craft we all say we are perfecting.  It is an arena for networking, sharing ideas to assist artists to become more mature in their craft.
  Yet ol' man EGO and his twin brother Pride gets in the way.  then you have the "homeboy" cliques where only "my friends" will get respect, spins, etc.  in order for us as artists to rise together the first thing is to realize that we are powerless over them, yet we have the power to unite as one and stand solidified and build a major label in the state of Virginia.
  If they can do it back in my hometown of New Jersey, we can do it in Virginia.  If you are interested then leave a comment, drop an idea, book an artist, artists collab with other artists, share ideas, and let's RISE TOGETHER.

Nat Dah Burnah and Guests Live

  It is going to be a great show.  Today I feel anxious as always.  It gives me such a rush to perform in front of my fans.  The energy that is there is beyond words.  I know now that it wasn't meant for me to drop back in '92 with teddy and Wrecks n Effect.
 I do think about what would've happened but all things happen for a reason....
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